Fung Fellowship for Wellness & Technology

an entrepreneurship and innovation program that connects diverse undergraduates with community and industry partners for a health + tech experience.

🗓️ August 2019 - May 2020

"The fellowship offers a sustained health+tech experience with students working in interdisciplinary teams alongside community and industry partners. Throughout the fellowship, fellows develop as leaders and innovators as they design breakthrough technology solutions to society's most pressing health and wellness challenges."

FF Tang Team Design Challenge Slides

Clark Kerr Health Worker Program

Worked alongside the University Health Services and the Tang Center to reform their Health Worker Program where student peer educators live in the residence halls, fraternities, sororities and International House and provide the following services on-site:

    • Prepare weekly Health Tips, which are one-page fliers about pertinent college health issues - see a sample Health Tip

    • Coordinate community-wide education activities on topics such as stress management, fitness, eating, sleep, and relationships

    • Use other community-based media , e.g. bulletin boards, email, social media, and word of mouth

    • Offer students individual advising, resources and referrals as a knowledgeable and non-judgemental peer

    • Provide resources and consultation to living center leaders around health programs and situations


Got Your Back (GYB) App

Worked on a complete redesign of the GYB app, an app that focuses on detecting unhealthy conversations in youth and helping them understand what unhealthy conversation looks like.

  • Wellio is a non-invasive holistic tool for users to better become more aware of their virtual interactions while also empowering the user to improve their online and offline interactions.

  • How might we make youth feel supported in unhealthy situations in digital conversations?

Group 7

Bear Buddies

Created an application to facilitate social interactions through academic-oriented incentives. Our product aims to tackle the problem of social isolation specifically within UC Berkeley’s freshmen pursuing competitive majors in STEM.

  • Bear Buddies, a digital toolkit, provides students with an interactive platform that can help match a student with a study group.

  • The application not only functions as a platform to meet new people but also empowers students through tips and tricks provided anonymously by other students. By condensing and curating this information to students, our application hopes to create a space where students can find helpful solutions for their specific problems.

Living Room

Living Room

Created an web application to connect friends and family with ease, simplicity, and comfort.

  • Living Room's goal is to provide users with the ability to connect and have fun with family and friends as if all together in their own living room.

  • Users can filter through games, schedule “game” times with friends and family, send out group invitation links, and use chat or video while using our platform.

  • Living Room boasts a wide variety of games and activities for all interests, from traditional games like Mahjong, Chess and Bridge to more modern activities like Zumba or Group Painting. With a host-based invitation system, participants can simply click the link and play!