Alameda County ITD

an 3-year internship working as a Software Engineering intern

🗓️ June 2014 - June 2016

As a rising sophomore, I was an intern at the Alameda County IT Department. Over the period of 3 months, I redesigned the six-year-old Alameda County’s Women’s Hall of Fame website from the ground up. I began by interviewing the board of the Women’s Hall of Fame and incorporated their feedback into the new website. After months of hard work and countless drafts, I presented the final version of the website design to the CIO and the County Administrator. I had never been so nervous.

On the heels of a successful deployment, I was given another opportunity the following spring to work on an app that helps prevent human trafficking. I also assisted in gathering, analyzing and organizing data for the majority of their new projects and go-live activities.

Spring 2016

  • worked on the county’s Human Trafficking App and organized data for the majority of their new projects.

Summer 2015

  • structured a complete re-design of the Alameda County’s Women’s Hall of Fame Website from the ground up.

Summer 2014

  • improved the department’s use of sharepoint and did data testing for their new shuttle app. On the more creative side, I created presentations and introduction videos for the interns.