CYBEAR @ UC Berkeley

summer program for students interested in cyber-security

🗓️ June 2016 - July 2016

CYBEAR is a six-week GenCyber summer program that engages high school students in cyber security by helping them explore their own digital footprint and cyber-physical infrastructures. Students learn basic computer science principles, methods and uses for programming in the Python language, and best practices for security and privacy in today's digital world.

For my final project, I created a butane leakage detector for third-world countries. Using a raspberry pi and python as the main programming language, the gas detector with the push of a button, senses the amount of butane in the air and outputs that data on a LCD screen.

I was immersed in computer science, programming my Raspberry Pi and learning how to fight cybercrime. From coding in Python to analyzing data farms, each day posed a different technical challenge. During our field trip to the FBI offices, I learned first-hand the actions taken to fight cybercrime.

At CYBEAR, I integrated my passion for technology and community service. In teams, we built a “smart sanitation” system of garbage bins for our “Smart Oakland” project. Each garbage bin is equipped with Wi-Fi and sensors that monitor capacity and send out a signal when they are full. This alleviates congestion unnecessarily caused by bulky garbage trucks and promotes efficiency.