campus organization that creates solutions for people with disabilities

🗓️ August 2018 - August 2019

EnableTech is a student organization that designs and builds assistive technology for people with disabilities. Our goal is for engineering and design students to collaborate with need-knowers, who either have a disability or are very familiar with a disability. We provide teams with space, materials, and other resources to turn their idea into a solution that could significantly improve the lives of many people.

As the software engineering team lead for the edge-sensing team, designed and built a personalized wheelchair for a visually-impaired individual. Our team worked to increase his sensual awareness by creating a wheelchair with modified auditory and visual impulse.

Edge-sensing is a project to develop a modular low cost detection and alert system for wheelchairs to prevent users from accidentally navigating themselves off of curbs, stairs and ledges. It detects sudden changes in the horizontal plane and alerts the user through auditory and haptic feedback.