campus research organization that serves minorities in the Berkeley's community

🗓️ September 2017 - Present

We believe that every student interested in participating in research at Berkeley should have the opportunity to do so. We are committed to individually helping new students find research on campus, developing student-led research projects, and connecting & supporting students already involved in research.

  • Founded the Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning lab with the help of on-campus clubs and professors.

  • Manage 5 data science research projects and lead a team of 40+ students each semester.

  • Manage marketing and curriculum for students each semester.

  • Approve research projects and host a research symposium at the end of the school year.

The Data Science Lab is a great opportunity for students to conduct data science research by working on an interesting project, with guidance from experienced undergraduate mentors. It might seem difficult, but we pride ourself on our unique way of providing students a gentle introduction to research. For mentors, this is a meaningful opportunity to lead aspiring researchers while getting to know what it might be like to lead a lab.